Drawing on the tradition of pre-WW2 “Privrednik”, who trained craftsmen and supported those who have not been affluent, the Club consistently, through an ongoing campaign, maintains and continues this tradition: for seven years now, companies owned and/or managed by the members, under the sponsorship of the Club, award annual scholarships to best high-school and university students in Serbia. A total of 317 students have received annual scholarships worth over EUR 380 000 so far.

The fact that responsibility to the community in which we live and work is a difficult, but also a very rewarding task is being demonstrated over and over again: since its founding, the Club has discreetly supported various institutions caring about children and the elderly. These campaigns have been organized by Club members’ wives, through collection of personal donations and use of funds for socially responsible conduct of companies run by Club members. Over the period of 6 years, 5 102 children and 13 institutions have received support in equipment and packages.

In addition, in all emergency situations, the Club participated in the relief effort to the broader community – local communities and institutions have received significant aid provided under the sponsorship of the Club by members’ companies: for the alleviation of consequences of fire in Chilandar monastery, floods in Trgovište, earthquake in Kraljevo, while 37 plane trees, planted within the campaign organized by the City of Belgrade, are growing in King Alexander’s Boulevard. Club members and their companies also participate in humanitarian campaigns organized by other funds and institutions, such as incubators within the Battle for Babies campaign and fundraising for Tijana’s new heart, to mention just a few.