The Club was founded on 9 January 2002 as a voluntary, independent, non-profit and non-partisan association of successful businessmen and other prominent personalities in the aim of promoting entrepreneurship and management in Serbia.

The Club was founded by managers of major Serbian companies that continuously achieve respectable operating results at home and foreign markets.

The task of the Club members is to use their personal influence to:

  • create business environment in which it would be possible to continue the tradition of the Business Society “Privrednik” which operated between 1897 and 1947,
  • promote organization and management through exchange of experiences and education of the managerial staff by using contemporary management methods and techniques,
  • coordinate mutual activities with the aim of reaching agreement on issues of common business interest,
  • harmonize positions on issues referring to the creation and regulation of macroeconomic environment with the purpose of exerting influence on executive decision-makers,
  • contribute to the maintenance of good business practices and business ethics.


The Club bylaws are the Statue and the Code of Rules on the operation of the Club and conduct of its members which define the guiding principles:

  • equality of membership – all members have equal rights and obligations,
  • protection of the professional reputation, dignity, honour and observance of general rules of ethical conduct,
  • observance of moral principles and rules of conduct in the spirit of law and free market competition in our country and abroad in conducting professional activities and in other circumstances,
  • obligation to resolutely oppose any attempt at violation of law, democracy, anyone’s personal dignity, using only permitted means and within the limits of decency.


The highest governing body is the Assembly composed of the members of the Club on equal basis.

The Club headquarters – House in Šekspirova 27 bought from original owners in 2004. in seen condition. The house of 565 sq.m. usefull surface is adapted, reconstructed and equiped – basement is adapted into a tavern, attic space into a multimedia room, functional kitchen is made, three terraces and garden are arranged. Today, Club House has 850 sq.m.usefull space.

Preservation of tradition and integrity of the environment are principles strictly observed in the management of property – the Club headquarters in this House.


  • In November and December 2001, the Steering Committee started activities toward founding an association of successful Serbian businessmen, at the initiative of then Prime-Minister Zoran Djindjić.
  • The Steering Committee for the founding of the Club included the following members:
Miroslav Mišković – Delta holding
Miodrag Babić – Hemofarm koncern
Slobodan Radulović – C-market
Rade Svilar – Apatinska pivara
Dmitar Šegrt – Toza Marković
Miodrag Savićević – Geneks grupa
  • By its support to the founding of the Society of Successful Businessmen, the Government of Serbia obtained the first institutionalized civil-sector partner. Also the possibility to verify at a single, relevant spot the new systemic solutions for a society in transition toward European values.
  • The first working meeting of the Steering Committee was organized on 4 December 2001 at the Adriatic Hall, Intercontinental Hotel. The participants discussed the goals and principles of the future association.
  • On 13 December 2001, upon the invitation of Hemofarm President, Mr Miodrg Babić, following consultations within the Initiative Committee, the founding assembly of SBC “Privrednik” was scheduled for 9 January 2002.
  • The founding assembly, held at the Intercontinental Hotel at 11:00 a.m., was attended by 24 members-to-be.
They adopted a decision to set up the Association of citizens “Privrednik” and adopted its Articles of Association.
A press conference took place after the assembly, at 12:30 p.m.
  • The major media, such as Politika, Večernje novosti, Blic, Danas, Glas javnosti, reported on the founding of the club under the titles such as: Successful Businessmen’s Club; Serbian Business Club Founded; Partnership of 24 Large Firms; For a More Successful Dialogue with the Government. The founders have even been named by the media “the knights of Serbian economy” (Danas, 10 January 2002, p. 7, Economy).
  • The following have been recorded as the founders of the Serbian Business Club “Privrednik“, Society of Successful Serbian Businessmen:
1. Babić, Miodrag – Hemofarm koncern A.D., Vršac
2. Đunić, Danko – Ekonomski institut, Beograd
3. Dragićević, Slavoljub – DIN Niš
4. Jovanović, Ljubiša – AIK banka Niš
5. Kamenković, Srđan – Jugoremedija, Zrenjanin
6. Komnenović, Miroslav – Karneks, Vrbas
7. Marjanović, Radenko – DP Knjaz Miloš, Aranđelovac
8. Mićić, Mića – MPP Jedinstvo, Užice
9. Mihajlović, Života – Vojvođanska banka Novi Sad
10. Mišković, Miroslav – Delta holding, Beograd
11. Muhadinović, Gojko – Industrija mesa Topola, Bačka Topola
12. Nikolić, Dragan – Tigar AD, Pirot
13. Pavičić, Nikola – Sintelon, Bačka Palanka
14. Radovančev, Živanko – Mlekoprodukt, Zrenjanin
15. Radulović, Slobodan – C-market, Beograd
16. Savićević, Miodrag, Geneks grupa, Beograd
17. Svilar, Rade – Apatinska pivara, Apatin
18. Šegrt, Dmitar – Toza Marković, Kikinda
19. Širadović, Đorđe – Novkabel, Novi Sad
20. Todorović, Mirko – Konfekcija Todor, Vrnjačka Banja
21. Tomić, Dragan – Simpo, Vranje
22. Zarić, Borislav – Soja protein, Bečej
23. Živanov, Miroslav – Agroživ, Pančevo

  • Miodrag Babić was elected the president of the Club for a one-year term.
  • A preparatory meeting for the First Regular Assembly was held Already on 1 February. Utvrđeni su organizacija i principi rada Kluba i definisana tema prve Skupštine: Mišljenje na Predlog zakon o javnim nabavkama.
  • The first regular assembly of the Club was held on 22 February at Genex suites, when the Club formally started its operation.




Miloš M. Rašović, Doctor of Law and Philosophy, eminent businessman and diplomat of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, has built a villa at 27, Rozalija Morton Street, as a residential house on a 2,978 sq.m. plot.

The house was designed and built by the distinguished Belgrade engineer Vojislav Djurić in the period from 15 October 1933 to 15 September 1934, when the residents first moved in.

Ljubica and Miloš Rašović lived in the house with their children until the beginning of the Second World War.

Miloš Rašović lived with his family in Montenegro as a high government official and politician since the mid-1950s until he retired and returned to Belgrade.

The family property has not been expropriated either during WWII or after it, only the residents of the house changed: American diplomatic representatives lived there the longest (for more than 30 years), while the house served as the official residence of the Austrian ambassador for 11 years before it was sold to the Club.

The heirs – son Miljan, daughter Jelica and the son of deceased daughter Milica sold the house to the Club and companies of Club members on 30 August 2004..

Club members – endowers own equal shares of ideal ownership of the house.

The house is under government protection as a part of environmental heritage.

Members – endowers consistently implemented the decision to preserve the original look of the house to the maximum extent through functional adaptations.

Management and use of the Club house are regulated by the Code, a general and binding bylaw of the Society of Successful Businessmen – Serbian Business Club “Privrednik”.