Vision and Mission

Serbian business club “PRIVREDNIK” - Association of successful entrepreneurs


In January 2002. exactly one year later after the new Government has started the creation of macro economical ambience that defines reformed, democratic state, 23 successful managers have formed the Association – Serbian business club “ Privrednik”.

Years back, members of the Association have invested their work, energy, knowledge, personal authority and the authority of the firms they are managing trying to protect their business positions inside and outside the state borders, even when it seemed almost impossible: destroyed economy, destructed social institutions, mistrust of the international community haven’t give any positive economical sign.

From such devastated economic tissue, in spite bad circumstances, certain circle of firms and managers have distinguished and succeeded to keep their business positions and institutions up to a certain level, which enabled fast implementation of changes imposed by newly created macro ambience in process of transition.

  • By forming the Association 23 host-businessmen have joined both their personal and their companies’ potential wanting, with a new sense of quality, to contribute to the achievement of difficult, socially defined tasks: to provide equal status and respect within international community and to provide stable and safe completely reformed social ambience.
  • Determined to use their joint potential in socially most useful way, in the official document of constitution the entrepreneurs have obliged to:
    • to exchange information and experience in the domain of organizing and managing
    • to coordinate and to agree on the issues of common interest of the members of the Association in order to enhance the leadership of commercial organizations they are managing
    • to cooperate with chambers of commerce and business associations in the country and abroad
    • to cooperate with the Government of the Republic of Serbia, and to deliver propositions and suggestions on specific current commercial and economical issues
    • to improve entrepreneurship and management
    • to promote individual relations with leading personalities and institutions abroad
    • to start corresponding initiatives as a protection from disloyal competition
    • to cultivate proper business customs and moral
    • to mutually give credible information in the right time frame in order to associate and get in touch with potential partners home and abroad
    • to provide mutually professional support in order to improve and ameliorate dealing in business transactions of the companies they are in charge of
    • to award scholarships and support education of young talents in the field of business
    • to protect interests of the fellow-members
    • to establish the rules of correct business behavior of members – moral codex
    • to cultivate relations with media and to inform the public about important issues concerning the economy